Table 2

UCVM Query Returned Parameters Showing Selected Features of the UCVM Query Interface Including the Effect of Adding a GTL and the Tiling of Multiple Velocity Models

Column NumberParameterDescriptionInput 1Input 2Input 3
LongitudeCoordinates provided as input parameters to the ucvm_query program−118.286118.286−122.000
LatitudeCoordinates provided as input parameters to the ucvm_query program34.03334.03334.033
DepthCoordinates provided as input parameters to the ucvm_query program100.01000.010,000.0
Output 1Output 2Output 3
1LongitudeInput longitude in decimal degrees−118.2860−118.2860122.0000
2LatitudeInput latitude in decimal degree34.033034.033034.0330
3ZInput depth (or elevation) in meters100.0001000.00010,000.000
4ElevationReturned elevation (m) from UCVM digital elevation model60.38660.386−3,791.911
5VS30Returned VS30 (m/s) from a Wills–Wald site type to VS30 relationship (for points in California), or from Wald topography relation (outside of California)280.000280.000180.000
6CVM AbbreviationCVM abbreviation identifying which CVM from the input CVM list provided the returned material propertiescvmhcvmhcvms
7VPReturned P‐wave velocity (m/s) from the CVM in column 61935.7082533.1396,300.000
8VSReturned S‐wave (m/s) from the CVM in column 6496.3001011.3273,637.307
9ρReturned density (kg/m3) from the CVM in column 61875.8442103.3712,859.770
10GTL nameGTL algorithm used to modify VP, VS, and ρ values in the GTL depth rangeelygtlNoneNone
11GTL VPReturned GTL VP (m/s) at input point0.0000.0000.000
12GTL VSReturned GTL VS (m/s) at input point280.0000.0000.000
13GTL ρReturned GTL ρ (kg/m3) at input point0.0000.0000.000
14Combining algorithmName of algorithm used to combine base model VP, VS, and ρ with returned GTL values for VP, VS, and ρelycrustcrust
15Combined VPReturned VP based on combined base model and GTL values1987.7212533.1396,300.000
16Combined VPReturned VS based on combined base model and GTL values432.6081011.3273,637.307
17Combined ρReturned ρ based on combined base model and GTL values1899.8562103.3712,859.770