Table 1

Earthquake Response Guidelines in the Event of an Earthquake on the Day of the College Scholastic Ability Test in South Korea

Response LevelResponse Guidelines
Level IIn the event of a minor tremor, invigilators do not stop the exam and continue with normal procedures.In certain cases, invigilators can stop the exam temporarily and guide the exam candidates to take cover under their desks.
Level IIIn cases where the tremor is felt but the exam candidates’ safety is not compromised, the candidates may temporarily take shelter under their desks then restart the exam once the tremor has stopped.In cases where broken glass, fallen materials from the ceiling, damaged lights, cracks on walls, and microcracks on columns are witnessed, the room may be evacuated, depending on the circumstances of the exam candidates and/or facility.
Level IIIIn cases where tremors are strong and the exam candidates’ safety may be compromised due to structural damage, exam candidates are directed to evacuate the building once the tremors have ended.If damage to exam site facilities is minor and exam candidates are unaffected, the exam can be resumed.