Table 1

Ground‐Motion Model Evaluation Studies

StudyRegionIndependent Data?*
Lee et al. (2000)Southern CaliforniaNo
Bindi et al. (2006)Umbria–Marche, ItalyYes; foreign models
Douglas et al. (2006)French AntillesYes; foreign models
Drouet et al. (2007)Pyrenees, SpainYes; foreign models
Hintersberger et al. (2007)Central EuropeYes; foreign models
Stafford et al. (2008)Euro‐MediterraneanNo
Delavaud et al. (2009)CaliforniaNo
Douglas and Mohais (2009)French AntillesYes; foreign models
Scasserra et al. (2009)ItalyNo
Nishimura (2010)JapanYes
Shoja‐Taheri et al. (2010)IranYes; foreign models
Çağnan et al. (2011)TurkeyNo
Kaklamanos and Baise (2011)CaliforniaYes
Ornthammarath et al. (2011)South IcelandNo
Uchiyama and Midorikawa (2011)JapanYes; foreign models
Arango et al. (2012)South and Central AmericaYes
Beauval et al. (2012)Southern and Eastern FranceYes; foreign models
Delavaud et al. (2012)GlobalNo
Joshi et al. (2012)HimalayaYes; foreign models
Massa et al. (2012)ItalyNo
Mousavi et al. (2012)IranNo
Vilanova et al. (2012)Southwestern IberiaYes; foreign models
Edwards and Douglas (2013)Cooper Basin, AustraliaYes; stochastic models
Vacareanu et al. (2013)Eastern RomaniaYes; foreign models
Mousavi et al. (2014)IranYes; foreign models
Ogweno and Cramer (2014)Central and Eastern United StatesNo
Zafarani and Mousavi (2014)Ahar–Varzaghan, IranNo
Allen and Brillon (2015)Haida Gwaii, CanadaYes; foreign models
Drouet and Cotton (2015)France AlpsYes; stochastic models
Haendel et al. (2015)Northern ChileYes
Mak et al. (2015)ItalyYes
Danciu et al. (2016)Middle EastNo
Roselli et al. (2016)ItalyNo
Salic et al. (2017)Western BalkanYes; foreign models
Van Houtte (2017)New ZealandNo
Zafarani and Farhadi (2017)IranNo
  • * “No” indicates studies in which a significant portion of the test data has been used to develop some of the evaluated models. “foreign models” indicates that foreign models are evaluated using local tests, so the data are naturally independent of the models; similarly for “stochastic models.”

  • Regarding Mak et al. (2015), the dataset for small and moderate (respectively, large) earthquake data was independent (respectively, not independent) of the evaluated models.