Table 1

Ranges of Source Parameters Used in the Grid Search for Best‐Fitting Poroelastic Parameters

EventLatitude (°)Longitude (°)Depth (km)Strike (°)Dip (°)Rake (°)Slip (m)
Pawnee36.425−96.9296.5285–29572–82−7 to 160.1–0.9
Cushing35.991−96.8034.354–6475–85165 to 1800.09–0.3

Range of tested source parameters is based on the listed range in U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Earthquake Information Center, Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS), and Global Centroid Moment Tensor focal mechanism solutions (USGS, 2016; OGS, 2016; Ekström and Nettles, 2016).