Table 1

Historical Earthquake in Azores with Intensity ≥VIII (See Sources at the Seismicity Section)

Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Location/Island Most AffectedImaxMagnitudeObservations
1522/10/22*Vila Franca/São MiguelXInland epicenter. Death toll: 4000–5000.The earthquake triggered a landslide that buried Vila Franca do Campo located on the south coast of São Miguel island.
1547/05/17North zone/TerceiraVII/VIIISeveral earthquakes struck the island causing minor damage. More than three deaths.
1591/07/26Vila Franca/São MiguelVIII/IXDestructive earthquake that destroyed Vila Franca do Campo.
1614/05/24*Praia da Vitória/TerceiraIXThe earthquake was inland and caused heavy damage at Vila da Praia and neighboring settlements. More than 1600 houses collapsed. Death toll: >200.
1713/12/08Ginetes/São MiguelVIIIHeavy damage in the southwest settlements of São Miguel Island. No casualties reported.
1730/06/13Luz/GraciosaVIII/IX?Heavy damage at the settlement of Luz.
1757/07/09*Calheta/São JorgeXIM 7.4Severe damage on São Jorge Island. Reported damage on neighboring islands. Death toll: 1046.
1800/06/24Praia da Vitória/TerceiraVII/VIIIHeavy damage on the eastern part of Terceira Island.
1801/01/26São Sebastião/TerceiraVIIIHigh damage on the southeastern part of Terceira Island, especially at Vila da Praia, and heavy damage at São Sebastião. Two people died.
1837/01/21Guadalupe and Santa Cruz/GraciosaIX?Heavy damage at some settlements on Graciosa Island. Death toll: 3.
1841/06/15Praia da Vitória/TerceiraIXSevere damage on Vila da Praia. No casualties reported.
1852/04/16Ribeira Grande/São MiguelVIIIHeavy damage to most of the settlements on São Miguel. Death toll: 9–12. Several tens injured.
1912/11/06Praia da Vitória/TerceiraVII/VIIILight damage reported at Vila da Praia and neighboring settlements.
1926/08/31Horta/FaialXMb 5.3–5.9Heavy damage reported at Horta and in neighboring settlements. More than 200 injuries and 9 fatalities.
1946/12/27Serreta/TerceiraVII/VIIILight damage reported at the settlements on the northwest and north parts of Terceira Island. No casualties reported.
1952/06/26Ribeira Quente/São MiguelVIIIHeavy damage in some areas of the settlements on the south and southeast part of São Miguel. No casualties reported.
1958/05/13Praia do Norte and Ribeira Funda/FaialVIII/IXThe event occurred during the Capelinhos eruption and caused heavy damage at the northwestern settlements of Faial Island.
1964/02/21Rosais/São JorgeVIIIMb 5.5The event occurred during the onshore eruption of Rosais on São Jorge Island. Heavy damage on the western side of the island.
1973/11/23Bandeiras/PicoVII/VIIIMb 5.0Heavy damage at the settlements on the northern part of the island. No casualties reported.
1980/01/01*Doze Ribeirasª/TerceiraVIII/IXMw 6.8Heavy damage at several settlements of Terceira and São Jorge Islands and on Graciosa Island. Death toll: 61.
1998/07/09Ribeirinha/FaialVIII/IXMw 6.0Heavy destruction at several settlements of Faial and Pico. Death toll: 8.
  • * Events select to calibrate kriging technique.