Table 2

Additional Parameters for the Seismogram Service Which Allow the Specification of a Custom STF and for Finite‐Source Calculations

Custom source time function parameters
cstf‐relative‐origin‐time‐in‐sec5.0Offset in seconds to set the origin time of the seismogram.
cstf‐sample‐spacing‐in‐sec10.0Sample interval of the STF in seconds.
cstf‐data0.0,0.5,0.0The custom STF data values.
Source parameters
ffmeventidUSGS:us20002926Event identifier to lookup finite‐source model. The name before the colon is the provider of the finite‐source model, everything thereafter a unique identifier.

All other, non‐source‐related parameters are identical to the seismograms’ service and are listed in Table 1.