Table 1

Basic Parameters for the Bakar Earthquake Series, 1750–1753

Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Time (UTC)Latitude (°N)Longitude (°E)I0 °MSKImax °MSKLocalityMain References
1750/11/280745.30 ± 0.1014.55 ± 0.12VII–VIIIFeltRijekavon Radics (1903)
1750/11/2820:15(V–VI)RijekaMainardi (1751?)
1750/11/2822:45VI–VIIRijekaMainardi (1751?), Gratianus (1755)
1750/12/17(15):30(VI)RijekaMainardi (1751?)
1750/12/1715:(45)VIIIBakarActa Buccarana
1751/08/10(20) at sunsetVIRijekaGratianus (1755)
1753/04/2414(VI)RijekaGratianus (1755)
1753/05/1609(V)RijekaGratianus (1755)

Coordinates for the baricenter of cumulative intensities with the corresponding intensity I0 are estimated by the Boxer code (Gasperini et al., 1999, 2010), and Imax is maximum estimated intensity (at the given locality). Values in parentheses indicate our best estimates based on scarce available data. Entries for the mainshock are indicated in bold. MSK, Medvedev–Sponheuer–Karnik.